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Verses and Sonnets (1896)
The Bad Child’s Book of Beasts (1896) 
More Beasts for Worse Children (1897) 
The Modern Traveller (1898) 
Danton: A Study (1899)
Paris, Its Sites, Monuments and History (1898)
A Moral Alphabet (1899)
Paris (1900)
Lambkin’s Remains (1900)

Robespierre (1901)
The Path to Rome (1902) 
The Great Inquiry; faithfully reported by Hilaire Belloc and ornamented with sharp cuts drawn on the spot by G. K. Chesterton (1903)
Caliban’s Guide to Letters (1903)
The Aftermath or, Gleanings from a Busy Life (1904)
Emmanuel Burden, Merchant (1904)
Avril: essays on the French Renaissance (1904)
The Old Road: from Canterbury to Winchester (1904)
Hills and the Sea (1906)
Sussex (1906)
Esto Perpetua: Algerian Studies and Impressions (1906)
Cautionary Tales for Children (1907)
The Historic Thames (1907)
Mr. Clutterbuck’s Election (1908)
On Nothing and Kindred Subjects (1908)
On Everything (1909)
The Eye-Witness (1908)
A Change in the Cabinet (1909)
Marie Antoinette (1909)
The Pyrenees (1909)
Pongo and the Bull (1910)
Catholicism and Socialism: Second Series (1910)
On Anything (1910)
On Something (1910)
Verses (1910)

The Party System (1911)
More Peers (1911)
The Four Men: A Farrago (1911)
The French Revolution (1911)
The Girondin (1911)
First and Last (1911)
Socialism and the Servile State (1911)
British Battles
Blenheim (1911) 
Tourcoing (1912), 
Crécy (1912), 
Waterloo (1912) 
Malplaquet (1913) 
Poitiers (1913)
The Servile State (1912)
The Green Overcoat (1912)
The River of London (1912)
This and That and the Other (1912)
The History of England (1912) 
The Romance of Tristan and Iseult (1913) – a translation of Joseph Bédier’s 1900 work
The Stane Street: a monograph (1913)
Warfare in England (1913)
The Book of the Bayeux tapestry (1914)
Land & Water: The World’s War Vol. II (Parts 14 to 26) (1914)
The History of England (1915)
The Two Maps of Europe (1915) 
A Change in the Cabinet (1915)
A General Sketch of the European War, the First Phase (1915)
A Picked Company (1915)
At the Sign of the Lion (1916)
The last days of the French monarchy (1916)
A General Sketch of the European War, The Second Phase (1916)
The Free Press (1918)
Europe And The Faith (1920)
The House of Commons and Monarchy (1920)

Catholic Social Reformer Versus Socialism (1922)
The Jews (1922)
The Mercy of Allah (1922)
The Road (1923)
The Contrast (1923)
On (1923)
Economics for Helen (1924)
The Cruise of the Nona (1925)
This and that and the other (1925)
Mr. Petre (1925)
The French Revolution (1925)
The Campaign of 1812 and the Retreat from Moscow (1925)
A Companion to Mr. Wells’s “Outline of History” (1926)
Mr. Belloc Still Objects (1926)
The Catholic Church and History (1926)
Short Talks with the Dead and Others (1926)
The Emerald of Catherine the Great (1926)
Essays of Today and Yesterday (1926)
Miniatures of French History (1926)
Mrs. Markham’s New History of England (1926)
The Highway and Its Vehicles (1926)
Oliver Cromwell (1927)
The Haunted House (1927)
Towns of Destiny (1927)
Do We Agree?: A Debate Between G. K. Chesterton And Bernard Shaw, with Hilaire Belloc in the Chair (1928)
Many Cities (1928)
M. Wells et Dieu. (1928)
James II (1928)
But Soft – We Are Observed! (1928) (USA: Shadowed!)
How the Reformation Happened (1928)
Belinda: a tale of affection in youth and age (1928)
A Conversation with an Angel: and other essays (1928)
The Chanty of the Nona (1928)
The Missing Masterpiece (1929)
Richelieu (1929)
Survivals and New Arrivals (1929)
The Man Who Made Gold (1930)
Wolsey (1930)
The Catholic Church and Current Literature (1930)
Joan of Arc (1930)
Pauline – Favorite Sister of Napoleon (1930)
New Cautionary Tales (1930)

Essays of a Catholic Layman in England (1931)
A Conversation with a Cat: and others (1931)
Cranmer (1931)
On Translation (1931)
Hilaire Belloc (1931)
One Hundred and one Ballades (1931)
Nine Nines or Novenas from a Chinese Litany of Odd Numbers (1931)
Napoleon (1932)
The Postmaster General (1932)
Saulieu of The Morvan (1932)
The Question and the Answer (1932)
Ladies and Gentlemen: For Adults Only and Mature at That (1932)
An Heroic Poem in Praise of Wine (1932)
Charles the First, King of England (1933)
William the Conqueror (1933)
Below Bridges (1933)
The Tactics and Strategy of the Great Duke of Marlborough (1933)
How We Got The Bible (1934)
A Shorter History of England (1934)
Milton (1935)
Hilaire Belloc (1935)
Characters Of The Reformation (1936)
The Restoration Of Property (1936)
The Hedge and the Horse (1936)
The Battleground: Syria and Palestine, The Seedplot of Religion (1936)
The County of Sussex (1936)
The Crisis Of Our Civilisation (1937)
The Crusades : The World’s Debate (1937)
An Essay on the Nature of Contemporary England (1937) (USA: What England Really Is)
Stories, Essays, Poems (1938)
Monarchy: a study of Louis XIV (1938)
Return to the Baltic (1938)
The Great Heresies (1938)
The Church and Socialism (1938)
The Case of Dr. Coulton (1938)
On sailing the sea; a collection of seagoing writings (1939)
The Last Rally: A Story of Charles II (1939)
The Silence Of The Sea and Other Essays (1940)
On the Place of Gilbert Chesterton in English Letters (1940)
The Catholic and the War (1940)
The Alternative (1940)

Elizabethan Commentary (1942) (USA: Elizabeth, Creature of Circumstance)
Places (1942)
Sonnets and Verse (1945)
The Romance of Tristan and Iseult by Joseph Bedier (1945)
Selected Essays (1948)
An Anthology of his Prose and Verse (1951)
World Conflict (1951) booklet
Songs of the South Country (1951)

Publication Date Unknown
Catholic Truth in History

Of Interest
The Young Hilaire Belloc by Marie Lowndes Belloc