Decision on Belloc’s Windmill Deferred

Two days ago, I wrote (here) that Horsham District Council had given its qualified permission to Charles Eustace, Hilaire Belloc’s great-grandson, for the conversion of his windmill into a dwelling.

However, I have just discovered that at its meeting on 1st December, the council DEFERRED its decision on the planning application. You can read about what happened in this West Sussex County Times report.

After reading the report, I wondered how I managed to get the facts wrong. I think I mistook the Planning Committee’s Report (here) for the Council’s decision. Mea Culpa: I should have known better – especially since the report is titled ‘Planning Committee Report’! So, apologies to anyone who was misled.

In light of the above, what to do about my my previous post? Delete it? No. I would like this blog to be an account of my journey with Hilaire Belloc. If I get something right about him – brilliant. If I get something wrong – I will write a correction rather than delete and pretend it never happened. This, of course, applies to matters relating to Belloc as well, such as in this case.

Once I have published this post, therefore, I will just update the previous post so that anyone who reads it will know that it isn’t correct and may come here for an explanation.

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